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The Team

Assaf Antebi

Assaf is a professional Business operations manager with experience in Cloud industry. Offering expertise in Sales & marketing, global business processes, budgeting, forecasting, and vast experience in project management.
Energetic self-starter with great human- relations able to navigate high-stress situations and achieve goals on time and under budget.

Omer Golan

Omer is a professional digital marketing manager, specializing in tailored B2B marketing strategies for businesses. 
Full proficiency in Marketing Automation (CRM management, planning and building automated workflows for both lead management and lead nurturing) and expert in Tracking & Measurement. 
Passionate and devoted to staying up to date with the industry and platform developments.

Yuval Gilad

Yuval has more than 10 years experience in Media buying optimization, specializing in various fields of digital marketing including affiliate marketing and ppc campaigns.

Ehsan Baloch

Ehsan is a passionate Wix website Expert with more than 5 years of experience in Designing and Redesign websites with all kind creative and innovative thoughts. He Created More than 300 websites with 100% Positive response by providing Clear and Perfect Communication with quality Product.Qualified in creating website for all minor and major business. 

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