Dating green ball jars

Can you tell me anything about it? Keegan, Ball Brothers Glass Company made a wide variety of containers besides their better-known fruit jars. October 13, at 1: Not Helpful 2 Helpful 5. There is a line in front of the A leading into it. It is a myth that they were destroyed by superstitious dating green ball jars or housewives. Pints Three of the Four are from the same mold, note crooked S in Mason's.

dating green ball jars

If you have a Ball jar, you can date most of them just by looking at the logo. Every few years, the Ball Manufacturing Co changed the logo and if you compare yours to a reliable chart, you know how old it is. All you need is a chart like the one below. Beautiful green, or forest green ball jar. Perfect condition with great embossing and a small Amber patch at the base of the jar. The last picture has . Dating green ball jars. Published: Antique Bottles Vintage Bottles Vintage Glassware Vintage Pyrex Green Mason Jars Ball Mason Jars Vintage Mason Jars Canning Jars Glass Jars Forward. There are many ways to date old Ball mason jars, and one of the easiest is to look at the logo. Warehouse Deals Open-Box Discounts. 4. LIGHTNING JAR BY BALL. In the common green shade, this wire bale model commands a respectable rate. A rare cobalt blue model fetches $10, or more. VALUE: $ 5. THE IMPROVED JAR BY HERO. This piece sports a unique glass liner just inside the metal lid. Prior to this detail, Hero users often com- plained about food going . Dating a Ball Mason Jar. Ball mason jars are still being produced up to this day and there are no signs of stopping soon. But if you’re one of the lucky ones to have found an old Ball mason jar, or if you are an avid collector of such items, then dating these things is very important. The logo will tell you how to date Ball mason jars.
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Ball mason jars are a type of home canning jar made by the Ball Corporation, dating green ball jars. I have a collection of porcelain liners,and I would like to know what was embossed on the porcelain liners for ball mason jar lids,so i know what they are like the next time i go to a dump. Many Ball mason jars have a number printed on the bottom of the jar, but this is a mold dating green ball jars that does not indicate the year of production. It appears to be old glass and not a reproduction. Here is some info I found: